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Stephanie Laflamme
I'll be purchasing again

I've been around the block with natural deodorants, and this one is at the top. It smells amazing and It really clicks with my body chemistry.

I previously had the 'push stick utility', loved it so much, so i ordered the jar, I thought I was just getting higher volume of the same product as the stick. Except, the consistency doesn't feel the same, the jar product is more powdery. I prefer the creamier texture of the stick.

Su Ali
AMAZING. Will never buy anything else

Hi. Thank YOU for making such an amazing hard working product with no chemicals. I hate to say it but I sweat a lot. This is perfect. Thank you 💚💚💛💛 customer for lyfe

Erica Blais
Best deodorant

This deodorant works exceptionally well, smells nice and an added bonus is the reusable packaging. The best in a long line of natural deodorants I have tried and the only one that works.

Ian Matthews
The best I've found

I've tried many brands and have always wanted natural products. So great to find one that works so well.

Pam Palen

Zee best deoratant in the WORLD! In all my 30 years of only using natural products I have found that only this actually works! It's all our family our 4 uses, and I recommend it to everyone.

Great product

I've only used it for a couple of weeks and already love it. It really works. Unlike some other natural deodorants I used .

Setareh Najmi
Best natural & crulety-free deodorant

I have been looking for a natural, scent-free (or good smelling), and cruelty-free deodorant for a while now. I have tried many different brands and have been disappointed every time. This is the first deodorant I have used that meets all the criteria! I will definitely buy it again!

John Rush
Best vegan deodorant I’ve found!

This deodorant is seriously so good! The packaging is nice and the smell is great I love using it!

Great locally made natural deodorant!

I love this product! Smells and works great. Natural ingredients, no chemicals. And so grateful to support local businesses.

Meghan Guerriero-Blaise
Wonderful Product

I was on a hunt for a natural deodorant/antiperspirant after using Axe deodorants containing aluminum and this has exceeded my expectations so far. It smells nice (like lemon and lavender), prevents the scent of body odor in your sweat, and helps me feel less self conscious about sweating as someone who sweats excessively throughout the day. I was informed that chemicals in antiperspirants clog the sweat glands so I am glad I made the switch over to Saaboon. Well worth the price and this will become a new staple for me. Thank you Joulian!