Our NUDE (unscented) lip balm is formulated with the highest quality plant-based ingredients to keep your lips protected and hydrated from the elements. After gliding NUDE onto your lips you will immediately experience its soft and silky texture. 

Avocado Butter

  • a high source of Vitamin E, which protects and repairs skin
  • an excellent oil for the re-hydration of dry skin
  • a natural sunscreen, also helps soothe sunburns
  • helps reduce the appearance of scars

Cocoa Butter

  • an excellent emollient
  • rich in antioxidants, including oleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid
  • is known to reduce inflammation
  • relieves eczema and dermatitis flare-ups

Castor Oil

  • rich in Vitamin E,
  • rich in Omega 6 & 9, key components for healthy skin
  • soothes and moisturizes dry skin
  • heals inflamed skin
  • fades blemishes and pigmentation

Candelilla Wax

  • a vegan wax alternative to beeswax
  • helps protect your skin from the elements

Net 4.25 g