Go Zero Waste! Help our Planet.

Here at SAABOON, we’re constantly working on making things better and improving ways to eliminate plastic waste and unnecessary packaging.

Early on, we made the decision to change our soap packaging, by switching to recyclable paper (see below).

However, we’ve also made the decision to have all of our soap available package-free; both at our brick and mortar shop, as well, for online ordering.  

Why go package free? Landfills and oceans are full of plastics and waste. Billions of plastic articles fill landfills and oceans each year. By going package free // zero waste you will be helping our planet. 

So, next time you place your SAABOON (online) order, please mention in the “notes” at checkout, you’d like to go package free!



Thank you so much for your great help and detailed attention. The packaging is very unique & pretty!
The paper bags are a nice touch. Can’t wait to provide the 3 soaps sample to our baby shower guests. This soap smells so pure.
Amazing customer service!!!!!! Very appreciative!

Louise October 13, 2021

I had never heard about Jute before I met you. I’m thinking it would be great for many things camping related! Might have to get some. I love how you hung your monitor that plays the soap making process in your shop. A really neat way to “tie in” something modern and electronic with the natural calm feel of your shop.

Emily Fitzgerald-Wichmann February 26, 2019

No chemicals and available with no packaging I definitely want to try your soaps.

Sandra February 26, 2019

very smart – there is so much waste in the world – every bit helps!

joy February 25, 2019

Yay! I love your products and am really happy to read about your eco-friendly options. I look forward to reading your future blog posts!
p.s. the new website looks great!

Meg February 16, 2019

Wonderful :)

Sophia February 15, 2019

Hi Joulian, this is so cool! I love learning more about Saaboon :) It’s little things like this that help out our planet!

Becky February 14, 2019

A great idea for amazing products!

Meghan February 14, 2019

Saaboon does so much good in this world. I love supporting your business and following your journey. Thank you for being a compassionate leader in your industry.

Sarah February 14, 2019

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